Coach Shane《Daily Easy English Expression》学习笔记 001-010

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001 How are you doing?(How ya' doin)

用法:how的读音接近ha',are省略,you有三种读音,you,yah,yuh;doing的ing也有三种读音ing, ən和in。
A: How are you doing?
B: Great! How are you doing?
A: Not too bad, thanks!
B: Take it easy~

002 What do you do for a living?

解释:你做什么工作?日常问候语=what is your job?=how do you make money?=Do you have a job?=Where do you work?=How do you earn money?。
A: What do you do for a living?
B: I'm a teacher.
A: Oh, really? What do you teach?
B: I'm a math teacher at Carson College.

003 I'm into sports!

解释:对...感兴趣。be into sth=be interested in sth。
用法:后接something,类似用法有 get into sth。
A: I can't believe you're watching that.
B: The Golf Channel? I'm into golf.
A: Since when?
B: Since college. I used to play every day!

004 My knee went out.

解释:not working properly,有点问题。
用法:发音时went out省略t,变成wen out。在美语中有三个强音 s, n, l,遇到三个弱音d, t, th时,经常省略掉弱音,比如went out。
A: You wanna play some basketball this weekend?
B: I'd love to, but my knee went out.
A: Ouch! How did that happen?
B: When I was playing soccer~

005 What's up this weekend?

用法:问对应的人...时候要做什么,what are you doing。可以取消what''s中的t,也有人写成wassup.
A: What's up this weekend?
B: I'm gonna go hiking.
A: Where at?
B: Park Canyon. You wanna go?

006 I'm gonna kick back

解释:kick back 休息,放松=relax
用法:I'm gonna=I'm going to, 发音接近 ahm mənuh.
A: You wanna go do something?
B: No~ I'm gonna kick back.
A: You're so lazy!
B: Hey! I had a long week.

007 I slept in.

解释:sleep in = to sleep late in the morning without alarm clock,睡了个懒觉
A: You look refreshed.
B: Yes! I slept in. I woke up at 10!
A: I wish I could. I've got kids~
B: That's why I'll never marry!

008 I overslept.

A: Where have you been?
B: I'm sorry, boss. I overslept!
A: Again?!!
B: I'm sorry. It won't happen again~

009 I'm gonna stock up on water.

解释:gonna stock up on=going to buy a lot. 置办,囤积,大量购入
用法:I'm gonna stock up on beer, bread, frozen veggie.后加名词,特别是将来会用到的。
A: What are you getting at the store?
B: I'm gonna stock up on water.
A: What about cookies?
B: Those, too!

010 I'm counting on you.

解释:I'm counting on you. =I'm relying on you.=I'm trusting in you. =I'm believing you.指望,依赖,相信某人会做某事。
用法:说快发音去掉t,类似 am cauning on you.
A: Will you help me move this Sunday?
B: Sure!
A: I'm counting on you~~
B: Don't worry! I'll be there~


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