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TED诞生于1984年,是美国的一家私有非盈利机构,其发起人是里查德·沃曼。2002年起,克里斯·安德森接管TED,创立了种子基金会(The Sapling Foundation),并营运TED大会。每年3月,TED大会在美国召集众多科学、设计、文学、音乐等领域的杰出人物,分享他们关于技术、社会、人的思考和探索。TED环球会议是TED大会的子会议。2005年,第一届TED环球会议在英国召开。2007年,TED非洲大会在坦桑尼亚召开。2008年9月,第二届TED非洲大会于南非召开。TED演讲的主旨是:Ideas worth spreading。TED是以下三个英文单词的首字母大写:【T】Technology技术;【E】Entertainment娱乐;【D】Design设计。







TED Fellows计划

TED Fellows是由TED推出的一个项目,旨在为发展中国家的青年俊秀创造机会,让他们有机会去到TED,同时也借此项目,发掘来自世界不同地方的后起之秀。任何40岁以下的人士皆可申请成为TED Fellow。






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911 healing - The mothers who found forgiveness friendship
A robot that flies like a bird
A TED speakers worst nightmare
A whistleblower you havent heard
A.J. Jacobs - How healthy living nearly killed me
A.J. Jacobs year of living biblically
Aaron Huey - Americas native prisoners of war
Aaron Koblin - Artfully visualizing our humanity
Aaron OConnell - Making sense of a visible quantum object
Abigail Washburn - Building US-China relations ... by banjo
Abraham Verghese - A doctors touch
Adam Grosser and his sustainable fridge
Adam Ostrow - After your final status update
Adam Sadowsky engineers a viral music video
Adam Savages obsessions
Aditi Shankardass - A second opinion on learning disorders
Adora Svitak - What adults can learn from kids
Ahn Trio - A modern take on piano violin cello
Aimee Mullins - The opportunity of adversity
Aimee Mullins and her 12 pairs of legs
Aimee Mullins on running
Al Gore on averting climate crisis
Al Gore warns on latest climate trends
Al Gores new thinking on the climate crisis
Al Seckel says our brains are mis-wired
Alain de Botton - A kinder gentler philosophy of success
Alan Kay shares a powerful idea about ideas
Alan Russell on regenerating our bodies
Alan Siegel - Lets simplify legal jargon
Alberto Cairo - There are no scraps of men
Alex Steffen - The shareable future of cities
Alex Steffen sees a sustainable future
Alex Tabarrok on how ideas trump crises
Alexander Tsiaras - Conception to birth -- visualized
Alexis Ohanian - How to make a splash in social media
Ali Carr-Chellman - Gaming to re-engage boys in learning
Alice Dreger - Is anatomy destiny
Alisa Miller shares the news about the news
Alison Gopnik - What do babies think
Alison Jackson looks at celebrity
Allan Jones - A map of the brain
Allison Hunt gets a new hip
Alwar Balasubramaniam - Art of substance and absence
Amber Case - We are all cyborgs now
Amit Sood - Building a museum of museums on the web
Amory Lovins on winning the oil endgame
Amy Lockwood - Selling condoms in the Congo
Amy Smith shares simple lifesaving design
Amy Tan on creativity
Anand Agarawala demos BumpTop
Ananda Shankar Jayant fights cancer with dance
Anders Ynnerman - Visualizing the medical data explosion
Andrea Ghez - The hunt for a supermassive black hole
Andrew Birds one-man orchestra of the imagination
Andrew Mwenda takes a new look at Africa
Andy Hobsbawm says - Do the green thing
Angela Belcher - Using nature to grow batteries
Anil Ananthaswamy - What it takes to do extreme astrophysics
Anil Gupta - Indias hidden hotbeds of invention
Ann Cooper talks school lunches
Anna Deavere Smith - Four American characters
Anna Mracek Dietrich - A plane you can drive
Annie Lennox - Why I am an HIVAIDS activist
Annie Murphy Paul - What we learn before were born
AnnMarie Thomas - Hands-on science with squishy circuits
Anthony Atala - Printing a human kidney
Anthony Atala on growing new organs
Antonio Damasio - The quest to understand consciousness
Anupam Mishra - The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting
Aparna Rao - High-tech art with a sense of humor
Arianna Huffington - How to succeed Get more sleep
Ariel Garten - Know thyself with a brain scanner
Arthur Benjamin does Mathemagic
Arthur Benjamins formula for changing math education
Arthur Ganson makes moving sculpture
Arthur Potts Dawson - A vision for sustainable restaurants
Arvind Gupta - Turning trash into toys for learning
Asher Hasans message of peace from Pakistan
Ashraf Ghani on rebuilding broken states
Atul Gawande - How do we heal medicine
Aubrey de Grey says we can avoid aging
Auret van Heerden - Making global labor fair
Award-winning teen-age science in action
Ayah Bdeir - Building blocks that blink beep and teach
Barbara Block - Tagging tuna in the deep ocean
Barry Schuler - Genomics 101
Barry Schwartz - Using our practical wisdom
Barry Schwartz on our loss of wisdom
Barry Schwartz on the paradox of choice
Bart Weetjens - How I taught rats to sniff out land mines
Barton Seaver - Sustainable seafood Lets get smart
Batrice Coron - Stories cut from paper
Beau Lotto - Optical illusions show how we see
Becky Blanton - The year I was homeless
Ben Cameron - The true power of the performing arts
Ben Dunlap talks about a passionate life
Ben Goldacre - Battling bad science
Ben Kacyra - Ancient wonders captured in 3D
Ben Katchors comics of bygone New York
Ben Saunders skis to the North Pole
Benjamin Wallace on the price of happiness
Benjamin Zander on music and passion
Benoit Mandelbrot - Fractals and the art of roughness
Bertrand Piccards solar-powered adventure
Beverly  Dereck Joubert - Life lessons from big cats
Bill Clinton on rebuilding Rwanda
Bill Davenhall - Your health depends on where you live
Bill Doyle - Treating cancer with electric fields
Bill Ford - A future beyond traffic gridlock
Bill Gates - How state budgets are breaking US schools
Bill Gates on energy - Innovating to zero
Bill Gates on mosquitos malaria and education
Bill Gross on new energy
Bill Joy - What Im worried about what Im excited about
Bill Stone - Exploring deep caves and someday the moon
Bill Strickland makes change with a slide show
Billy Collins - Everyday moments caught in time
Billy Graham on technology and faith
Birke Baehr - Whats wrong with our food system
Bjarke Ingels - 3 warp-speed architecture tales
Bjorn Lomborg sets global priorities
Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos augmented-reality maps
Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos Photosynth
Bob Thurman says we can be Buddhas
Bonnie Bassler on how bacteria talk
Bonos call to action for Africa
Bren Brown - Listening to shame
Bren Brown - The power of vulnerability
Brenda Laurel on games for girls
Brewster Kahle builds a free digital library
Brian Cox - What went wrong at the LHC
Brian Cox - Why we need the explorers
Brian Cox on CERNs supercollider
Brian Goldman - Doctors make mistakes. Can we talk about that
Brian Greene on string theory
Brian Skerry reveals oceans glory -- and horror
Britta Riley - A garden in my apartment
Bruce Aylward - How well stop polio for good
Bruce Bueno de Mesquita predicts Irans future
Bruce Feiler - The council of dads
Bruce McCalls faux nostalgia
Bruce Schneier - The security mirage
Bruno Bowden folds while Rufus Cappadocia plays
Bryan Stevenson - We need to talk about an injustice
Bunker Roy - Learning from a barefoot movement
Burt Rutan sees the future of space
C.K. Williams poetry of youth and age
Caleb Chung plays with Pleo
Cameron Herold - Lets raise kids to be entrepreneurs
Cameron Sinclair - The refugees of boom-and-bust
Cameron Sinclair on open-source architecture
Camille Seaman - Haunting photos of polar ice
Capt. Charles Moore on the seas of plastic
Carl Honore praises slowness
Carl Safina - The oil spills unseen culprits victims
Carlo Ratti - Architecture that senses and responds
Carmen Agra Deedy spins stories
Carne Ross - An independent diplomat
Caroline Casey - Looking past limits
Caroline Lavelle casts a spell on cello
Caroline Phillips - Hurdy-gurdy for beginners
Carolyn Porco - Could a Saturn moon harbor life
Carolyn Porco flies us to Saturn
Carolyn Steel - How food shapes our cities
Carter Emmart demos a 3D atlas of the universe
Cary Fowler - One seed at a time protecting the future of food
Catherine Mohr - Surgerys past present and robotic future
Catherine Mohr builds green
Chade-Meng Tan - Everyday compassion at Google
Charity Tillemann-Dick - Singing after a double lung transplant
Charles Anderson discovers dragonflies that cross oceans
Charles Elachi on the Mars Rovers
Charles Fleischer insists - All things are Moleeds
Charles Hazlewood - Trusting the ensemble
Charles Leadbeater - Education innovation in the slums
Charles Leadbeater on innovation
Charles Limb - Building the musical muscle
Charles Limb - Your brain on improv
Charlie Todd - The shared experience of absurdity
Cheryl Hayashi - The magnificence of spider silk
Chimamanda Adichie - The danger of a single story
Chip Conley - Measuring what makes life worthwhile
Chip Kidd - Designing books is no laughing matter. OK it is.
Chris Abani muses on humanity
Chris Abani on the stories of Africa
Chris Anderson - How web video powers global innovation
Chris Anderson of WIRED on techs Long Tail
Chris Anderson on TEDs nonprofit transition
Chris Bangle says great cars are Art
Chris Bliss - Comedy is translation
Chris Jordan pictures some shocking stats
Christien Meindertsma - How pig parts make the world turn
Christoph Adami - Finding life we cant imagine
Christopher Deam restyles the Airstream
Christopher deCharms looks inside the brain
Christopher McDougall - Are we born to run
Christopher moot Poole - The case for anonymity online
Claron McFadden - Singing the primal mystery
Clay Shirky - How cognitive surplus will change the world
Clay Shirky - How social media can make history
Clay Shirky - Why SOPA is a bad idea
Clay Shirky on institutions vs. collaboration
Clifford Stoll on ... everything
Conrad Wolfram - Teaching kids real math with computers
Corneille Ewango is a hero of the Congo forest
Courtney Martin - Reinventing feminism
Craig Venter is on the verge of creating synthetic life
Craig Venter on DNA and the sea
Craig Venter unveils synthetic life
Cynthia Breazeal - The rise of personal robots
Cynthia Kenyon - Experiments that hint of longer lives
Cynthia Schneider - The surprising spread of Idol TV
Dale Dougherty - We are makers
Damon Horowitz - Philosophy in prison
Damon Horowitz calls for a moral operating system
Dan Ariely - Beware conflicts of interest
Dan Ariely asks Are we in control of our own decisions
Dan Ariely on our buggy moral code
Dan Barber - How I fell in love with a fish
Dan Barbers foie gras parable
Dan Buettner - How to live to be 100
Dan Cobley - What physics taught me about marketing
Dan Dennett - Cute sexy sweet funny
Dan Dennett on dangerous memes
Dan Dennett on our consciousness
Dan Dennetts response to Rick Warren
Dan Gilbert asks Why are we happy
Dan Gilbert on our mistaken expectations
Dan Meyer - Math class needs a makeover
Dan Phillips - Creative houses from reclaimed stuff
Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation
Daniel Goldstein - The battle between your present and future self
Daniel Goleman on compassion
Daniel Kahneman - The riddle of experience vs. memory
Daniel Kraft - Medicines future Theres an app for that
Daniel Kraft invents a better way to harvest bone marrow
Daniel Libeskinds 17 words of architectural inspiration
Daniel Pauly - The oceans shifting baseline
Daniel Tammet - Different ways of knowing
Daniel Wolpert - The real reason for brains
Danielle de Niese - A flirtatious aria
Danny Hillis - Back to the future of 1994
Dave deBronkart - Meet e-Patient Dave
Dave Eggers wish - Once Upon a School
Dave Meslin - The antidote to apathy
David Agus - A new strategy in the war on cancer
David Bismark - E-voting without fraud
David Blaine - How I held my breath for 17 min
David Bolinsky animates a cell
David Brooks - The social animal
David Byrne - How architecture helped music evolve
David Byrne sings Nothing But Flowers
David Cameron - The next age of government
David Carson on design  discovery
David Christian - Big history
David Deutsch - A new way to explain explanation
David Deutsch on our place in the cosmos
David Gallo on life in the deep oceans
David Gallo shows underwater astonishments
David Griffin on how photography connects us
David Hanson - Robots that show emotion
David Hoffman on losing everything
David Hoffman shares his Sputnik mania
David Holt plays mountain music
David Keiths unusual climate change idea
David Kelley on human-centered design
David Logan on tribal leadership
David Macaulays Rome Antics
David McCandless - The beauty of data visualization
David Merrill demos Siftables
David Perry - Are games better than life
David Pogue on cool phone tricks
David Pogue on the music wars
David Pogue says Simplicity sells
David Rockwell builds at Ground Zero
David S. Rose on pitching to VCs
Dean Kamen - The emotion behind invention
Dean Kamen on inventing and giving
Dean Kamen previews a new prosthetic arm
Dean Ornish - Help the body heal itself
Dean Ornish on the worlds killer diet
Dean Ornish says your genes are not your fate
Deb Roy - The birth of a word
Debate - Does the world need nuclear energy
Deborah Gordon digs ants
Deborah Rhodes - A tool that finds 3x more breast tumors and why its not available to you
Deborah Scranton on her War Tapes
Dee Boersma - Pay attention to penguins
Demo - Stunning data visualization in the AlloSphere
Denis Dutton - A Darwinian theory of beauty
Dennis Hong - Making a car for blind drivers
Dennis Hong - My seven species of robot
Dennis vanEngelsdorp - a plea for bees
Derek Sivers - How to start a movement
Derek Sivers - Keep your goals to yourself
Derek Sivers - Weird or just different
Devdutt Pattanaik - East vs. West -- the myths that mystify
Diana Nyad - Extreme swimming with the worlds most dangerous jellyfish
Diane Benscoter on how cults rewire the brain
Dianna Cohen - Tough truths about plastic pollution
Dimitar Sasselov - How we found hundreds of potential Earth-like planets
Dolby  Garniez play La Vie en Rose
Don Norman on 3 ways good design makes you happy
Doris Kearns Goodwin on learning from past presidents
Dr. Seyi Oyesola tours a hospital in Nigeria
Drew Berry - Animations of unseeable biology
Drew Curtis - How I beat a patent troll
Dyan deNapoli - The great penguin rescue
E.O. Wilson on saving life on Earth
Eben Bayer - Are mushrooms the new plastic
Ed Boyden - A light switch for neurons
Ed Ulbrich - How Benjamin Button got his face
Eddi Reader on What Youve Got
Eddi Reader sings Kiteflyers Hill
Edith Widder - Glowing life in an underwater world
Edith Widder - The weird wonderful world of bioluminescence
Edward Burtynsky on manufactured landscapes
Edward Burtynsky photographs the landscape of oil
Edward Tenner - Unintended consequences
Einstein the Parrot talks and squawks
Elaine Morgan says we evolved from aquatic apes
Eleni Gabre-Madhin on Ethiopian economics
Eli Pariser - Beware online filter bubbles
Elif Shafak - The politics of fiction
Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity
Elizabeth Lesser - Take the Other to lunch
Elizabeth Lindsey - Curating humanitys heritage
Elizabeth Murchison - Fighting a contagious cancer
Elizabeth Pisani - Sex drugs and HIV -- lets get rational
Ellen Dunham-Jones - Retrofitting suburbia
Ellen Gustafson - Obesity  Hunger  1 global food issue
Elliot Krane - The mystery of chronic pain
Emiliano Salinas - A civil response to violence
Emily Levines theory of everything
Emily Oster flips our thinking on AIDS in Africa
Emily Pilloton - Teaching design for change
Emmanuel Jal - The music of a war child
Enric Sala - Glimpses of a pristine ocean
Eric Berlow - How complexity leads to simplicity
Eric Dishman - Take health care off the mainframe
Eric Giler demos wireless electricity
Eric Mead - The magic of the placebo
Eric Sanderson pictures New York -- before the City
Eric Topol - The wireless future of medicine
Eric Whitacre - A virtual choir 2000 voices strong
Erica Frenkel - The universal anesthesia machine
Erik Hersman on reporting crisis via texting
Erik Johansson - Impossible photography
Erin McKean redefines the dictionary
Ernest Madu on world-class health care
Esther Duflo - Social experiments to fight poverty
Ethan Zuckerman - Listening to global voices
Euvin Naidoo on investing in Africa
Eva Vertes looks to the future of medicine
Eva Zeisel on the playful search for beauty
Evan Grant - Making sound visible through cymatics
Evan Williams on listening to Twitter users
Eve Ensler - Embrace your inner girl
Eve Ensler - happiness in body and soul
Eve Ensler - Suddenly my body
Eve Ensler on security
Evelyn Glennie shows how to listen
Evgeny Morozov - How the Net aids dictatorships
Eythor Bender demos human exoskeletons
Fabian Hemmert - The shape-shifting future of the mobile phone
Felix Dennis - Odes to vice and consequences
Fields Wicker-Miurin - Learning from leaderships missing manual
Fiorenzo Omenetto - Silk the ancient material of the future
Franco Sacchi tours Nigerias booming Nollywood
Frank Gehry as a young rebel
Frank Gehry asks Then what
Frank Warren - Half a million secrets
Frans Lantings lyrical nature photos
Frederick Balagadde - Bio-lab on a microchip
Freeman Dyson says - lets look for life in the outer solar system
Garik Israelian - How spectroscopy could reveal alien life
Garrett Lisi on his theory of everything
Gary Flake - is Pivot a turning point for web exploration
Gary Lauders new traffic sign - Take Turns
Gary Wolf - The quantified self
Gayle Tzemach Lemmon - Women entrepreneurs example not exception
Geoff Mulgan - A short intro to the Studio School
Geoff Mulgan - Post-crash investing in a better world
Geoffrey West - The surprising math of cities and corporations
George Ayittey on Cheetahs vs. Hippos
George Dyson at the birth of the computer
George Dyson on Project Orion
George Smoot on the design of the universe
George Whitesides - A lab the size of a postage stamp
George Whitesides - Toward a science of simplicity
Gero Miesenboeck reengineers a brain
Gever Tulley 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do
Gever Tulley teaches life lessons through tinkering
Golan Levin makes art that looks back at you
Golan Levin on software as art
Gordon Brown - Wiring a web for global good
Gordon Brown on global ethic vs. national interest
Graham Hawkes flies through the ocean
Graham Hill - Less stuff more happiness
Graham Hill - Why Im a weekday vegetarian
Greg Lynn on calculus in architecture
Greg Stone - Saving the ocean one island at a time
Gregory Petsko on the coming neurological epidemic
Gregory Stock - To upgrade is human
Gustavo Dudamel leads El Sistemas top youth orchestra
Guy-Philippe Goldstein - How cyberattacks threaten real-world peace
Halla Tomasdottir - A feminine response to Icelands financial crash
Handspring Puppet Co. - The genius puppetry behind War Horse
Hanna Rosin - New data on the rise of women
Hans Rosling - Asias rise -- how and when
Hans Rosling - Let my dataset change your mindset
Hans Rosling - Religions and babies
Hans Rosling - The good news of the decade
Hans Rosling and the magic washing machine
Hans Rosling on global population growth
Hans Rosling on HIV - New facts and stunning data visuals
Hans Rosling shows the best stats youve ever seen
Hans Roslings new insights on poverty
Harald Haas - Wireless data from every light bulb
Harsha Bhogle - The rise of cricket the rise of India
Harvey Fineberg - Are we ready for neo-evolution
Hasan Elahi - FBI here I am
Heather Knight - Silicon-based comedy
Hector Ruiz on connecting the world
Helen Fisher studies the brain in love
Helen Fisher tells us why we love  cheat
Henry Markram builds a brain in a supercomputer
Heribert Watzke - The brain in your gut
Hillel Cooperman - Legos for grownups
His Holiness the Karmapa - The technology of the heart
Hod Lipson builds self-aware robots
Homaro Cantu  Ben Roche - Cooking as alchemy
Honor Harger - A history of the universe in sound
Howard Rheingold - The new power of collaboration
Iain Hutchison - Saving faces
Ian Dunbar on dog-friendly dog training
Ian Goldin - Navigating our global future
Ian Ritchie - The day I turned down Tim Berners-Lee
Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf - Lose your ego find your compassion
Imogen Heap plays Wait It Out
Inge Missmahl brings peace to the minds of Afghanistan
Iqbal Quadir says mobiles fight poverty
Irwin Redlener on surviving a nuclear attack
Isaac Mizrahi on fashion and creativity
Isabel Allende tells tales of passion
Isabel Behncke - Evolutions gift of play from bonobo apes to humans
Itay Talgam - Lead like the great conductors
J.J. Abrams mystery box
Jacek Utko designs to save newspapers
Jack Horner - Building a dinosaur from a chicken
Jack Horner - Shape-shifting dinosaurs
Jackson Browne - If I Could Be Anywhere
Jacqueline Novogratz - A third way to think about aid
Jacqueline Novogratz - Inspiring a life of immersion
Jacqueline Novogratz invests in Africas own solutions
Jacqueline Novogratz on escaping poverty
Jacqueline Novogratz on patient capitalism
Jae Rhim Lee - My mushroom burial suit
Jaime Lerner sings of the city
Jakob Trollback rethinks the music video
Jamais Cascio on tools for a better world
James Balog - Time-lapse proof of extreme ice loss
James Cameron - Before Avatar ... a curious boy
James Geary metaphorically speaking
James H Kunstler dissects suburbia
James Hansen - Why I must speak out about climate change
James Nachtwey fights XDR-TB
James Nachtweys searing photos of war
James Randis fiery takedown of psychic fraud
James Surowiecki - When social media became news
James Watson on how he discovered DNA
Jamie Heywood - The big idea my brother inspired
Jamie Olivers TED Prize wish - Teach every child about food
Jamil Abu-Wardeh - The Axis of Evil Middle East Comedy Tour
Jan Chipchase on our mobile phones
Jane Chen - A warm embrace that saves lives
Jane Fonda - Lifes third act
Jane Goodall helps humans and animals live together
Jane Goodall on what separates us from the apes
Jane McGonigal - Gaming can make a better world
Jane Poynter - Life in Biosphere 2
Janet Echelman - Taking imagination seriously
Janine Benyus - Biomimicry in action
Janine Benyus shares natures designs
Janna Levin - The sound the universe makes
Jared Diamond on why societies collapse
Jarreth Merz - Filming democracy in Ghana
Jason Clay - How big brands can help save biodiversity
Jason Fried - Why work doesnt happen at work
Jay Bradner - Open-source cancer research
Jay Walker on the worlds English mania
Jay Walkers library of human imagination
JD Schramm - Break the silence for suicide attempt survivors
Jean-Baptiste Michel - The mathematics of history
Jeff Bezos on the next web innovation
Jeff Han demos his breakthrough touchscreen
Jeff Hawkins on how brain science will change computing
Jeff Skoll makes movies that matter
Jehane Noujaim wishes for a global day of film
Jennifer 8. Lee hunts for General Tso
Jennifer Lin improvs piano magic
Jennifer Pahlka - Coding a better government
Jeremy Gilley - One day of peace
Jeremy Jackson - How we wrecked the ocean
Jessa Gamble - Our natural sleep cycle
Jessi Arrington - Wearing nothing new
Jessica Green - Are we filtering the wrong microbes
Jessica Jackley - Poverty money -- and love
Jill Bolte Taylors stroke of insight
Jill Sobule sings to Al Gore
Jill Tarters call to join the SETI search
Jim Fallon - Exploring the mind of a killer
Jim Toomey - Learning from Sherman the shark
Jimmy Wales on the birth of Wikipedia
Joachim de Posada says Dont eat the marshmallow yet
Joan Halifax - Compassion and the true meaning of empathy
Jody Williams - A realistic vision for world peace
Joe DeRisi solves medical mysteries
Joe Sabia - The technology of storytelling
Joel Levine - Why we need to go back to Mars
Johan Rockstrom - Let the environment guide our development
Johanna Blakley - Lessons from fashions free culture
Johanna Blakley - Social media and the end of gender
John Delaney - Wiring an interactive ocean
John Doerr sees salvation and profit in greentech
John Francis walks the Earth
John Gerzema - The post-crisis consumer
John Hardy - My green school dream
John Hodgman - Aliens love -- where are they
John Hunter on the World Peace Game
John Kasaona - How poachers became caretakers
John La Grou plugs smart power outlets
John Lloyd inventories the invisible
John Maeda on his journey in design
John Maeda on the simple life
John Underkoffler points to the future of UI
John Walker re-creates great performances
John Wooden on true success
Johnny Lee demos Wii Remote hacks
Jok Church - A circle of caring
Jonas Gahr Stre - In defense of dialogue
Jonathan Drori - Every pollen grain has a story
Jonathan Drori - The beautiful tricks of flowers
Jonathan Drori - Why were storing billions of seeds
Jonathan Drori on what we think we know
Jonathan Haidt - Religion evolution and the ecstasy of self-transcendence
Jonathan Haidt on the moral roots of liberals and conservatives
Jonathan Harris - the Webs secret stories
Jonathan Harris collects stories
Jonathan Klein - Photos that changed the world
Jonathan Zittrain - The Web as random acts of kindness
Jose Abreu on kids transformed by music
Joseph Lekuton tells a parable for Kenya
Joseph Nye on global power shifts
Joseph Pine on what consumers want
Josette Sheeran - Ending hunger now
Josh Silver demos adjustable liquid-filled eyeglasses
Joshua Klein on the intelligence of crows
Joshua Prince-Ramus - Building a theater that remakes itself
Joshua Prince-Ramus on Seattles library
Joshua Walters - On being just crazy enough
JP Rangaswami - Information is food
JRs TED Prize wish - Use art to turn the world inside out
Juan Enriquez on genomics and our future
Juan Enriquez shares mindboggling science
Juan Enriquez wants to grow energy
Julia Bacha - Pay attention to nonviolence
Julia Sweeney has The Talk
Julia Sweeney on letting go of God
Julian Assange - Why the world needs WikiLeaks
Julian Treasure - 5 ways to listen better
Julian Treasure - Shh Sound health in 8 steps
Julian Treasure - The 4 ways sound affects us
Juliana Machado Ferreira - The fight to end rare-animal trafficking in Brazil
Justin Hall-Tipping - Freeing energy from the grid
Kaki King rocks out to Pink Noise
Kamal Meattle on how to grow fresh air
Karen Armstrong - Lets revive the Golden Rule
Karen Armstrong makes her TED Prize wish - the Charter for Compassion
Karen Tse - How to stop torture
Kartick Satyanarayan - How we rescued the dancing bears
Kary Mullis celebrates the experiment
Kary Mullis next-gen cure for killer infections
Kate Hartman - The art of wearable communication
Katherine Fulton - You are the future of philanthropy
Kathryn Schulz - Dont regret regret
Kathryn Schulz - On being wrong
Kavita Ramdas - Radical women embracing tradition
Keith Barry does brain magic
Keith Bellows on the camels hump
Ken Kamler - Medical miracle on Everest
Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity
Kenichi Ebinas magic moves
Kevin Allocca - Why videos go viral
Kevin Bales - How to combat modern slavery
Kevin Kelly on how technology evolves
Kevin Kelly on the next 5000 days of the web
Kevin Kelly tells technologys epic story
Kevin Slavin - How algorithms shape our world
Kevin Stone - The bio-future of joint replacement
Kevin Surace invents eco-friendly drywall
Kim Gorgens - Protecting the brain against concussion
Kiran Bedi - A police chief with a difference
Kiran Bir Sethi teaches kids to take charge
Kirk Citron - And now the real news
Krista Tippett - Reconnecting with compassion
Kristen Ashburns photos of AIDS
Kristina Gjerde - Making law on the high seas
Kwabena Boahen on a computer that works like the brain
Lakshmi Pratury on letter-writing
Lalitesh Katragadda - Making maps to fight disaster build economies
Larry Brilliant makes the case for optimism
Larry Brilliant wants to stop pandemics
Larry Burns on the future of cars
Larry Lessig on laws that choke creativity
Laura Trice suggests we all say thank you
Lauren Zalaznick - The conscience of television
Laurie Garrett on lessons from the 1918 flu
Laurie Santos - A monkey economy as irrational as ours
Lawrence Lessig - Re-examining the remix
Lee Cronin - Making matter come alive
Lee Hotz - Inside an Antarctic time machine
Lee Smolin on science and democracy
Lennart Green does close-up card magic
Leonard Susskind - My friend Richard Feynman
Lesley Hazleton - On reading the Koran
Lets talk parenting taboos - Rufus Griscom  Alisa Volkman
Lewis Pugh swims the North Pole
Lewis Pughs mind-shifting Everest swim
Lies damned lies and statistics about TEDTalks
Lisa Gansky - The future of business is the mesh
Lisa Harouni - A primer on 3D printing
Lisa Margonelli - The political chemistry of oil
Liz Colemans call to reinvent liberal arts education
Liz Diller plays with architecture
Liza Donnelly - Drawing on humor for change
Loretta Napoleoni - The intricate economics of terrorism
Louie Schwartzberg - The hidden beauty of pollination
Louise Fresco on feeding the whole world
Louise Leakey digs for humanitys origins
Luca Turin on the science of scent
Lucianne Walkowicz - Finding planets around other stars
Lucien Engelen - Crowdsource your health
Lucy McRae - How can technology transform the human body
Luis von Ahn - Massive-scale online collaboration
Maajid Nawaz - A global culture to fight extremism
MacMaster  Leahy play the fiddle
Madeleine Albright - On being a woman and a diplomat
Magnus Larsson - Turning dunes into architecture
Maira Kalman the illustrated woman
Majora Carter - 3 stories of local eco-entrepreneurship
Majora Carter - Greening the ghetto
Malcolm Gladwell - The strange tale of the Norden bombsight
Malcolm Gladwell on spaghetti sauce
Mallika Sarabhai - Dance to change the world
Marc Koska - 1.3m reasons to re-invent the syringe
Marc Pachter - The art of the interview
Marcel Dicke - Why not eat insects
Marcin Jakubowski - Open-sourced blueprints for civilization
Marco Tempest - A magical tale with augmented reality
Marco Tempest - Augmented reality techno-magic
Marco Tempest - The magic of truth and lies and iPods
Marcus du Sautoy - Symmetry realitys riddle
Margaret Gould Stewart - How YouTube thinks about copyright
Margaret Wertheim - The beautiful math of coral
Marian Bantjes - Intricate beauty by design
Marisa Fick-Jordan shares the wonder of Zulu wire art
Mark Bezos - A life lesson from a volunteer firefighter
Mark Bittman on whats wrong with what we eat
Mark Pagel - How language transformed humanity
Mark Roth - Suspended animation is within our grasp
Martin Hanczyc - The line between life and not-life
Martin Jacques - Understanding the rise of China
Martin Rees asks - Is this our final century
Martin Seligman on positive psychology
Marvin Minsky on health and the human mind
Mary Roach - 10 things you didnt know about orgasm
Mathieu Lehanneur demos science-inspired design
Matt Cutts - Try something new for 30 days
Matt Ridley - When ideas have sex
Matthew Childs 9 life lessons from rock climbing
Matthieu Ricard on the habits of happiness
Maya Beisers and her cellos
Maz Jobrani - Did you hear the one about the Iranian-American
Mechai Viravaidya - How Mr. Condom made Thailand a better place
Melinda French Gates - What nonprofits can learn from Coca-Cola
Mena Trott on blogs
Michael Merzenich on re-wiring the brain
Michael Moschen juggles rhythm and motion
Michael Norton - How to buy happiness
Michael Pawlyn - Using natures genius in architecture
Michael Pollan gives a plants-eye view
Michael Pritchards water filter turns filthy water drinkable
Michael Sandel - The lost art of democratic debate
Michael Shermer - The pattern behind self-deception
Michael Shermer on strange beliefs
Michael Specter - The danger of science denial
Michelle Obamas plea for education
Mick Ebeling - The invention that unlocked a locked-in artist
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on flow
Mike Biddle - We can recycle plastic
Mike deGruy - Hooked by an octopus
Mike Matas -  A next-generation digital book
Mike Rowe celebrates dirty jobs
Mikko Hypponen - Fighting viruses defending the net
Mikko Hypponen - Three types of online attack
Milton Glaser on using design to make ideas new
Miru Kims underground art
Misha Glenny - Hire the hackers
Misha Glenny investigates global crime networks
Mitchell Besser - Mothers helping mothers fight HIV
Mitchell Joachim - Dont build your home grow it
Monika Bulaj - The hidden light of Afghanistan
Morgan Spurlock - The greatest TED Talk ever sold
Morley sings Women of Hope
Moshe Safdie on building uniqueness
Mother and daughter doctor-heroes - Hawa Abdi  Deqo Mohamed
Murray Gell-Mann on beauty and truth in physics
Murray Gell-Mann on the ancestor of language
Mustafa Akyol - Faith versus tradition in Islam
Myshkin Ingawale - A blood test without bleeding
Nadia Al-Sakkaf - See Yemen through my eyes
Naif Al-Mutawa - Superheroes inspired by Islam
Nalini Nadkarni - Life science in prison
Nalini Nadkarni on conserving the canopy
Nancy Etcoff on the surprising science of happiness
Nancy Lublin - Texting that saves lives
Nandan Nilekanis ideas for Indias future
Naomi Klein - Addicted to risk
Natalie Jeremijenko - The art of the eco-mindshift
Natalie MacMaster fiddles in reel time
Natalie Merchant sings old poems to life
Natasha Tsakos multimedia theatrical adventure
Nate Silver - Does race affect votes
Nathalie Miebach - Art made of storms
Nathan Myhrvold - Cooking as never seen before
Nathan Myhrvold - Could this laser zap malaria
Nathan Myhrvold on archeology animal photography BBQ ...
Nathan Wolfe - Whats left to explore
Nathan Wolfes jungle search for viruses
Nathaniel Kahn on My Architect
Naturally 7 beatboxes a whole band
Negroponte takes OLPC to Colombia
Neil Burgess - How your brain tells you where you are
Neil Gershenfeld on Fab Labs
Neil MacGregor - 2600 years of history in one object
Neil Pasricha - The 3 As of awesome
Neil Turok makes his TED Prize wish
Nellie McKay sings Clonie
Nellie McKay sings Mother of Pearl and If I Had You
Nellie McKay sings The Dog Song
Newton Aduaka tells the story of Ezra
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala - Want to help Africa Do business here
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on aid versus trade
Niall Ferguson - The 6 killer apps of prosperity
Nic Marks - The Happy Planet Index
Nicholas Christakis - How social networks predict epidemics
Nicholas Christakis - The hidden influence of social networks
Nicholas Negroponte in 1984 makes 5 predictions
Nicholas Negroponte on One Laptop per Child two years on
Nicholas Negroponte on One Laptop per Child
Nick Bostrom on our biggest problems
Nick Sears demos the Orb
Nick Veasey - Exposing the invisible
Niels Diffrient rethinks the way we sit down
Nigel Marsh - How to make work-life balance work
Nina Jablonski breaks the illusion of skin color
Nina Tandon - Caring for engineered tissue
Noah Feldman says politics and religion are technologies
Noel Bairey Merz - The single biggest health threat women face
Nora York sings What I Want
Noreena Hertz - How to use experts -- and when not to
Norman Fosters green agenda
Olafur Eliasson - Playing with space and light
Oliver Sacks - What hallucination reveals about our minds
Omar Ahmad - Political change with pen and paper
Onyx Ashanti - This is beatjazz
Ory Okolloh on becoming an activist
Paddy Ashdown - The global power shift
Pamela Meyer - How to spot a liar
Pamelia Kurstin plays the theremin
Paola Antonelli previews Design and the Elastic Mind
Paola Antonelli treats design as art
Parag Khanna maps the future of countries
Patricia Burchat sheds light on dark matter
Patricia Kuhl - The linguistic genius of babies
Patricia Ryan - Dont insist on English
Patrick Awuah on educating leaders
Patrick Chappatte - The power of cartoons
Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry demo SixthSense
Paul Bennett finds design in the details
Paul Bloom - The origins of pleasure
Paul Collier on the bottom billion
Paul Colliers new rules for rebuilding a broken nation
Paul Debevec animates a photo-real digital face
Paul Ewald asks Can we domesticate germs
Paul MacCready flies on solar wings
Paul MacCready on nature vs. humans
Paul Moller on the Skycar
Paul Nicklen - Tales of ice-bound wonderlands
Paul Romer - The worlds first charter city
Paul Romers radical idea - Charter cities
Paul Root Wolpe - Its time to question bio-engineering
Paul Rothemund casts a spell with DNA
Paul Rothemund details DNA folding
Paul Sereno digs up dinosaurs
Paul Stamets on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world
Paul Zak - Trust morality -- and oxytocin
Paula Scher gets serious
Pavan Sukhdev - Put a value on nature
Pawan Sinha on how brains learn to see
Penelope Boston says there might be life on Mars
Pete Alcorn on the world in 2200
Peter Diamandis - Abundance is our future
Peter Diamandis on our next giant leap
Peter Diamandis on Stephen Hawking in zero g
Peter Donnelly shows how stats fool juries
Peter Eigen - How to expose the corrupt
Peter Gabriel fights injustice with video
Peter Haas - Haitis disaster of engineering
Peter Hirshberg on TV and the web
Peter Molyneux demos Milo the virtual boy
Peter Reinhart on bread
Peter Tyack - The intriguing sound of marine mammals
Peter van Uhm - Why I chose a gun
Peter Ward on Earths mass extinctions
Phil Borges on endangered cultures
Phil Plait - How to defend Earth from asteroids
Philip K. Howard - Four ways to fix a broken legal system
Philip Rosedale on Second Life
Philip Zimbardo - The demise of guys
Philip Zimbardo prescribes a healthy take on time
Philip Zimbardo shows how people become monsters ... or heroes
Philippe Starck thinks deep on design
Pranav Mistry - The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology
Pter Fankhauser - Meet Rezero the dancing ballbot
PW Singer on military robots and the future of war
Quixotic Fusion - Dancing with light
Quyen Nguyen - Color-coded surgery
R.A. Mashelkar - Breakthrough designs for ultra-low-cost products
Rabbi Jackie Tabick - The balancing act of compassion
Rachel Armstrong - Architecture that repairs itself
Rachel Botsman - The case for collaborative consumption
Rachel Pike - The science behind a climate headline
Rachel Sussman - The worlds oldest living things
Raghava KK - Five lives of an artist
Raghava KK - Shake up your story
Rajesh Rao - A Rosetta Stone for the Indus script
Ralph Langner - Cracking Stuxnet a 21st-century cyber weapon
Ramona Pierson - An unexpected place of healing
Raul Midon plays Peace on Earth
Raul Midon plays Tembererana
Ravin Agrawal - 10 young Indian artists to watch
Ray Anderson on the business logic of sustainability
Ray Kurzweil - A university for the coming singularity
Ray Kurzweil on how technology will transform us
Ray Zahab treks to the South Pole
Rebecca MacKinnon - Lets take back the Internet
Rebecca Saxe - How we read each others minds
Reed Kroloff on modern and romantic architecture
Renny Gleeson on antisocial phone tricks
Rev. James Forbes - Compassion at the dinner table
Reviving New Yorks rivers -- with oysters
Ric Elias - 3 things I learned while my plane crashed
Richard Baraniuk on open-source learning
Richard Bransons life at 30000 feet
Richard Dawkins - The universe is queerer than we can suppose
Richard Dawkins on militant atheism
Richard Preston on the giant trees
Richard Pyle dives the reefs Twilight Zone
Richard Resnick - Welcome to the genomic revolution
Richard Sears - Planning for the end of oil
Richard Seymour - How beauty feels
Richard St. John - Success is a continuous journey
Richard St. Johns 8 secrets of success
Richard Wilkinson - How economic inequality harms societies
Rick Smolan tells the story of a girl
Rick Warren on a life of purpose
Rives controls the Internet
Rives on 4 a.m.
Rives remixes TED2006
Rives tells a story of mixed emoticons
Rob Dunbar - Discovering ancient climates in oceans and ice
Rob Forbes on ways of seeing
Rob Harmon - How the market can keep streams flowing
Rob Hopkins - Transition to a world without oil
Rob Reid - The 8 billion iPod
Robert Ballard on exploring the oceans
Robert Fischell on medical inventing
Robert Full - Learning from the geckos tail
Robert Full on animal movement
Robert Full on engineering and evolution
Robert Gupta - Music is medicine music is sanity
Robert Gupta and Joshua Roman duet on Passacaglia
Robert Hammond - Building a park in the sky
Robert Lang folds way-new origami
Robert Neuwirth on our shadow cities
Robert Thurman - Expanding your circle of compassion
Robert Wright - The evolution of compassion
Robert Wright on optimism
Robin Chase on Zipcar and her next big idea
Robin Ince - Science versus wonder
Rodney Brooks says robots will invade our lives
Roger Ebert - Remaking my voice
Rogier van der Heide - Why light needs darkness
Romulus Whitaker - The real danger lurking in the water
Ron Eglash on African fractals
Ron Gutman - The hidden power of smiling
Rory Bremners one-man world summit
Rory Stewart - Time to end the war in Afghanistan
Rory Sutherland - Life lessons from an ad man
Rory Sutherland - Sweat the small stuff
Ross Lovegrove shares organic designs
Roy Gould and Curtis Wong preview the WorldWide Telescope
Roz Savage - Why Im rowing across the Pacific
Ryan Lobo - Photographing the hidden story
Salman Khan - Lets use video to reinvent education
Sam Harris - Science can answer moral questions
Sam Martin - Claim your manspace
Sam Richards - A radical experiment in empathy
Samantha Power on a complicated hero
Sarah Jones as a one-woman global village
Sarah Kaminsky - My father the forger
Sarah Kay - If I should have a daughter ...
Sasa Vucinic invests in free press
Saul Griffith on everyday inventions
Saul Griffiths kites tap wind energy
Scott Kim takes apart the art of puzzles
Scott McCloud on comics
Sean Carroll - Distant time and the hint of a multiverse
Sean Gourley on the mathematics of war
Sebastian Seung - I am my connectome
Sebastian Thrun - Googles driverless car
Sebastian Wernicke - 1000 TEDTalks 6 words
Sendhil Mullainathan - Solving social problems with a nudge
Sergey Brin and Larry Page on Google
Seth Berkley - HIV and flu -- the vaccine strategy
Seth Godin on standing out
Seth Godin on the tribes we lead
Seth Priebatsch - The game layer on top of the world
Shaffi Mather - A new way to fight corruption
Shai Agassis bold plan for electric cars
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy - Inside a school for suicide bombers
Shashi Tharoor - Why nations should pursue soft power
Shawn Achor - The happy secret to better work
Shea Hembrey - How I became 100 artists
Sheena Iyengar - How to make choosing easier
Sheena Iyengar on the art of choosing
Sheila Nirenberg - A prosthetic eye to treat blindness
Sheila Patek clocks the fastest animals
Shekhar Kapur - We are the stories we tell ourselves
Shereen El Feki - Pop culture in the Arab world
Sherry Turkle - Connected but alone
Sherwin Nuland on electroshock therapy
Sherwin Nuland on hope
Sheryl Sandberg - Why we have too few women leaders
Sheryl WuDunn - Our centurys greatest injustice
Shilo Shiv Suleman - Using tech to enable dreaming
Shimon Schockens rides of hope
Shimon Steinberg - Natural pest control ... using bugs
Shirin Neshat - Art in exile
Shlomo Benartzi - Saving for tomorrow tomorrow
Shukla Bose - Teaching one child at a time
Siegfried Woldhek shows how he found the true face of Leonardo
Simon Berrow - How do you save a shark you know nothing about
Simon Lewis - Dont take consciousness for granted
Simon Sinek - How great leaders inspire action
Sir Ken Robinson - Bring on the learning revolution
Sirena Huang dazzles on violin
Skylar Tibbits - Can we make things that make themselves
Sonaar Luthra - Meet the Water Canary
Sophal Ear - Escaping the Khmer Rouge
Spencer Wells builds a family tree for humanity
Stacey Kramer - The best gift I ever survived
Stanley McChrystal - Listen learn ... then lead
Stefan Sagmeister - 7 rules for making more happiness
Stefan Sagmeister - The power of time off
Stefan Sagmeister on what he has learned
Stefan Sagmeister shares happy design
Stefan Wolff - The path to ending ethnic conflicts
Stefana Broadbent - How the Internet enables intimacy
Stefano Mancuso - The roots of plant intelligence
Stefon Harris - There are no mistakes on the bandstand
Stephen Coleman - The moral dangers of non-lethal weapons
Stephen Hawking asks big questions about the universe
Stephen Lawler tours Microsoft Virtual Earth
Stephen Palumbi - Following the mercury trail
Stephen Petranek counts down to Armageddon
Stephen Wolfram - Computing a theory of everything
Steve Jurvetson on model rocketry
Steve Keil - A manifesto for play for Bulgaria and beyond
Steve Truglia - A leap from the edge of space
Steven Cowley - Fusion is energys future
Steven Johnson - Where good ideas come from
Steven Johnson on the Web as a city
Steven Johnson tours the Ghost Map
Steven Levitt analyzes crack economics
Steven Levitt on child carseats
Steven Pinker chalks it up to the blank slate
Steven Pinker on language and thought
Steven Pinker on the myth of violence
Steven Strogatz on sync
Stew says Black Men Ski
Stewart Brand on squatter cities
Stewart Brand on the Long Now
Stewart Brand proclaims 4 environmental heresies
Stuart Brown says play is more than fun
Sugata Mitra - The child-driven education
Sugata Mitra shows how kids teach themselves
Suheir Hammad - Poems of war peace women power
Sunitha Krishnan fights sex slavery
Sunni Brown - Doodlers unite
Susan Blackmore on memes and temes
Susan Cain - The power of introverts
Susan Lim - Transplant cells not organs
Susan Savage-Rumbaugh - The real-life culture of bonobos
Suzanne Lee - Grow your own clothes
Svante Pbo - DNA clues to our inner neanderthal
Swami Dayananda Saraswati - The profound journey of compassion
Sylvia Earles TED Prize wish to protect our oceans
T. Boone Pickens - Lets transform energy -- with natural gas
Tal Golesworthy - How I repaired my own heart
Tali Sharot - The optimism bias
Tan Le - A headset that reads your brainwaves
Tan Le - My immigration story
Taryn Simon photographs secret sites
Temple Grandin - The world needs all kinds of minds
Terry Moore - How to tie your shoes
Thandie Newton - Embracing otherness embracing myself
The design genius of Charles  Ray Eames
The Jill and Julia Show
The LXD - In the Internet age dance evolves ...
The Raspyni Brothers juggle and jest
Thelma Golden - How art gives shape to cultural change
Theo Jansen creates new creatures
They Might Be Giants play at 830 am
Thom Mayne on architecture as connection
Thomas Barnett draws a new map for peace
Thomas Dolby - Love Is a Loaded Pistol
Thomas Goetz - Its time to redesign medical data
Thomas Heatherwick - Building the Seed Cathedral
Thomas Thwaites - How I built a toaster -- from scratch
Thulasiraj Ravilla - How low-cost eye care can be world-class
Tierney Thys swims with the giant sunfish
Tim Berners-Lee - The year open data went worldwide
Tim Berners-Lee on the next Web
Tim Brown on creativity and play
Tim Brown urges designers to think big
Tim Ferriss - Smash fear learn anything
Tim Harford - Trial error and the God complex
Tim Jacksons economic reality check
Tod Machover and Dan Ellsey play new music
Todd Kuiken - A prosthetic arm that feels
Tom Chatfield - 7 ways games reward the brain
Tom Honey on God and the tsunami
Tom Rielly delivers a comic sendup of TED2006
Tom Shannon - The painter and the pendulum
Tom Shannons anti-gravity sculpture
Tom Wujec - Build a tower build a team
Tom Wujec demos the 13th-century astrolabe
Tom Wujec on 3 ways the brain creates meaning
Tony Porter - A call to men
Tony Robbins asks why we do what we do
Torsten Reil builds better animations
Tyrone Hayes  Penelope Jagessar Chaffer - The toxic baby
Ueli Gegenschatz soars in a wingsuit
Ursus Wehrli tidies up art
Van Jones - The economic injustice of plastic
Vijay Kumar - Robots that fly ... and cooperate
Vik Muniz makes art with wire sugar
Virginia Postrel on glamour
VS Ramachandran - The neurons that shaped civilization
VS Ramachandran on your mind
Vusi Mahlasela sings Thula Mama
Wadah Khanfar - A historic moment in the Arab world
Wade Davis - Dreams from endangered cultures
Wade Davis - The worldwide web of belief and ritual
Wael Ghonim - Inside the Egyptian revolution
What we learned from 5 million books
Will Wright makes toys that make worlds
Willard Wigan - Hold your breath for micro-sculpture
William Kamkwamba - How I harnessed the wind
William Kamkwamba on building a windmill
William Li - Can we eat to starve cancer
William McDonough on cradle to cradle design
William Ury - The walk from no to yes
Willie Smits restores a rainforest
Woody Norris invents amazing things
Yang Lan - The generation thats remaking China
Yann Arthus-Bertrand captures fragile Earth in wide-angle
Yasheng Huang - Does democracy stifle economic growth
Yoav Medan - Ultrasound surgery -- healing without cuts
Yochai Benkler on the new open-source economics
Yossi Vardi fights local warming
Yves Behar on designing objects that tell stories
Yves Behars supercharged motorcycle design
Yves Rossy - Fly with the Jetman
Zach Kaplan and Keith Schacht demo toys from the future
Zainab Salbi - Women wartime and the dream of peace
Ze Franks nerdcore comedy
Ze Franks web playroom
Zeresenay Alemseged looks for humanitys roots



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