Coach Shane《Daily Easy English Expression》学习笔记 011-020

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011 I had a long week.

解释:a long week=a difficult/tiring week.漫长的一周,难熬的一周,反义词是 a good week, a easy week, a nice week, a stress-free week。
用法:说快发音去掉h,类似 I ad a long week,其中long更接近lawng.
A: You look stressed.
B: Well, I had a long week.
A: Already? What happened?
B: Just work. I have a new project that's taking forever.

012 TGIF!(Thank god, it's Friday!).

解释:TGIF!=Thank God, it's Friday! 经常用在难熬的一周终于结束了之后。
用法:God有的人写作god,FNL=Friday night life.
A: Ugh! Thank god, it's Friday!
B: No kidding! You going out tonight?
A: No way! I've got FNL~
B: Have fun~

013 That's pure nonsense.

解释:That's pure nonsense=That's not true=That's a rumor.无稽之谈,胡说八道。
A: You're sitting too close to the TV.
B: I'm comfortable.
A: Your eyesight is going to get bad.
B: That's pure nonsense!

014 Did you get out ~ing?

解释:Did you get out shopping?=Did you go (out) shopping? 你外出去做某事了吗?
用法:英语国家的人喜欢使用两个词的动词,out是强调在外面。可以用作 did you get out ving=did you go ving?=did you get out to do sth?但是经常用ing格式,没有did you get ving的用法。
A: Did you get out hunting this weekend?
B: Yesterday morning.
A: Did you get anyting?
B: Nothing but really cold feet!

015 (to) do away with (something).

解释:to do away with sth=to get rid of sth,去掉、除去、消灭。
A: I need to do away with my knuckle cracking.
B: It's a hard habit to break.
A: I know. It's almost impossible.
B: Want me to help?

016 (to) do sth up.

解释:to make it very exciting,完美完成。
用法:经常用作 do it up,it一般指事件events,party、celebration,up的位置可以调换 to do up sth。
A: Are you gonna do it up for your mom's birthday?
B: No, we're just gonna have a nice dinner at home.
A: No party?
B: She said she didn't want one.

017 (to) do up (sth).

用法:to do up 后加名词。
A: Is it cold outside,mom?
B: Yes. Be sure to do up your jacket.
A: Okay. Where's my hat?
B: It's in your pocket.

018 (to) do it over.

解释:一般接介词over表示 再一次,所以意思是 do it again,再做一次。
用法:do it over=do it again,美语发音t接近d,接近 flipped sound弹音。
A: How do you like my picture, daddy?
B: What is it?
A: It's a picture of a bear.
B: you shold do it over.



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