Coach Shane《Daily Easy English Expression》学习笔记 021-030

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021 Check back in a jiffy

解释:东西还没有准备好,等一下回来取。check back,再联系,in a jiffy=quickly,马上,不一会儿。
用法:另有一个用法 I'll be with you in a jiffy,In a jiffy, it will be my birthday。
A: Hi, are my copies done?
B: Not yet. Check back in a jiffy.
A: All right, I'll go get a latte and come back.
B: They'll be done for you.

022 Pick your poison

A: Ooh, these all look good!
B: Pick your poison.
A: Hmm... I'll have the peanut butter cookie.
B: Good! I want the triple chocolate!

023 Those poor children

用法:用于怜悯,poor还有另一个意思 贫穷。
A: Those poor children. Why do wars mostly affect poor people?
B: I hate wars.
A: We need to tell our leaders "No more war".
B: We have to

024 ~ is pathetic

解释:pathetic有很多种意思,比如可怜的,可悲的,这里采用 inadequate(不可胜任的),inept(无能的)。
A: How do you spell "raisin"? With an "i" or an "e"?
B: An "i".
A: What about "streusel"? Two "s"s?
B: No. One. Your spelling is pathetic!

025 What purpose does it serve

解释:what is it used for,他是用做什么的?what is its function
A: Why are you taking vitamin C all day long?
B: These are really good when you're sick.
A: What purpose do they serve?
B: They help strengthen your immune system.

026 I couldn't help it

解释:I couldn't help it.= I couldn't control myself. = I couldn't stop it. 我没有办法;我没办法;我忍不住
用法:couldn't 读快的时候可以省略t的音,再快可以省略d的音,接近c'n
A: Why did you laugh in class?
B: I couldn't help it.
A: What was so funny?
B: The way he said "Uranus".

027 to look away 

A: Don't look away from me when I'm talking to you.
B: Yes, dad.
A: Did you take the cookies or not?
B: I was hungry!

028 don't push it 

解释:在这里it 指运气。别越界哈;不要咄咄逼人;别操之过急。You are pushing it,你过界了,你过分了。
A: Can you make me spaghetti?
B:  I'm a little tired, but why not?
A: Thank you. Can you make garlic bread, too?
B: Uh... Okay.
A: And do the dishes?
B: You're pushing it.

029 Are you done yet? 

解释:Are you done yet? = Are you finished yet? 你完事了没;你们做完了吗
用法:读快接近 ar yuh....
A: Are you done yet?
B: Almost.
A: Hurry up! I'lll wait in the car.
B: Hey, you got any toilet paper out there? Hello? Anyone? HELP!!

030  Knock on wood.

解释:祈求好运,吉人天相, 谢天谢地,asking for luck。
A: You broke your arm again?
B: Yeah. This is my third time.
A: I've never broken my arm. Knock on wood!
B: It's no big deal~


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