Coach Shane《Daily Easy English Expression》学习笔记 031-040

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031 Count me out/in.

解释:不要算我/算我一个,to exclude sb/to include sb。
A: Did you hear? The boss is looking for volunteers.
B: For what?
A: To help wash his car.
B: Count me out. I'd rather get fired.
A: He can count me in! I love the boss.

032 To rain on your parade.

解释:parade游行,to do sth terrible to your plan。
A: What's that? A present?
B: Diamond earring. They're for Sue!
A: Wow! Uh...I don't want to rain on your parade, but Sue just got engaged.
B: What? Engaged? She's gonna get married? What???

033 I'm broke!

解释:没钱了,I have no money。
A: Let's go eat lunch.
B: 'Kay. Burgers?
A: Nah, I want something healthy.
B: Healthy? Healthy means expensive. I can't. I'm broke.

034 To sell SOMEONE out.

解释:出卖,to betray sb。
A: I can't believe you sold me out to mom.
B: You're always selling me out.
A: Okay, let's make a truce.
B: Okay. From now on, we lie for each other to mom.
A: Good.
C: I heard that~

035 It will all come down to

解释:to come down to sth/me/you/the final exam/God, It=the result, all=completely,取决于,降至;归结起来;变为;归结为。
A: In order to win the tournament, he must make this putt.
B: It will all come down to this putt.
A: It all comes down to this shot...
B: It all comes down to his concentration...
A: NO! He missed! He's a loser!

036 I beg to differ.

解释:I'm sorry but I disagree with you, I don't think so,。
用法:这个用法很礼貌,强调意见不一致,意思比Maybe,however,I think 强。
A: Don't these uggs look good on me?
B: I beg to differ.
A: What?
B: You look like a gay cowboy. Uggs are for women.

037 Luck Lock and Look

解释:Luck, Lock, Look的发音区别。
A: Where're you going?
B: To the library. I want to look for a book.
A: Good luck. They locked up already.
B: It's that late?

038 Don't sweat it!

解释:Don't worry about it. Don't be too stressed out.
A: I need you to finish this report, okay?
B: By when?
A: .By next Tuesday.
B: That gives me only Thursday, Friday and Money to work on it.
A: Don't sweat it! You can come in on the weekend.

039 Go all out~

解释:to go all out=to do one hundred and ten perent of your energy/passion,全力以赴,不惜一切代价。
用法:to go all out
A: Look at all the bags!
B: Christmas shopping! I went all out this year~
A: Did you get one for me?
B: No. You said you didn't believe in Santa.

040 ~ already

用法:Where are you already? You should be done already.
A: Where is my fried chicken already? I ordered 30 minutes ago.
B: Here's your order, sir.
A: I thought you forgot about me.
B: With your beautiful voice? How could I?



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