Coach Shane《Daily Easy English Expression》学习笔记 051-075


051 a stocking stuffer

解释:Christmas stocking=>圣诞袜子,to stuff sth=to put to jam sth 填充某物。
A: Did you get any presents?
B: Yes! I got a digital camera and some trainers. Oh, some lip balm as a stocking stuffer.
A: You still have a Christmas stocking?
B: Sure! Why not?!文章源自海嶽之雲-

052 to keep me on my toes

解释:to keep someone on someone's toes=> to force them to concentrate, to make them be alert,使...保持警惕(俚语)。来源于圣经,Pupil瞳孔 在眼中,pupil解释为苹果 或者小人little person。
A: Your spelling is wrong.
B: Where?
A: Here. You wrote "prractise", but it should be practice.
B: Oh! Thanks for keeping me on my toes.文章源自海嶽之雲-

053 Keep it down!

A: Come on! Keep it down.
B: What! This song is SO cool~
A: It's stupid. And the singer is HORRIBLE!
B: That singer is my hero. And the song is so deep~文章源自海嶽之雲-

054 The apple of one's eye~

解释:to be the apple of one's eye=>to be the most important thing to that person。Shane is the apple of my mother's eye.=>My mother cherishes me. 掌上明珠,可以用在物,但更常用于人。
A: Andrey really brightens up when he sees his girls.
B: They're the apple of his eys.
A: They look so cute!
B: Fortunately, they resemble his mother!文章源自海嶽之雲-

055 Picky

解释:soomeone is being picky, too meticulous, to perfect。吹毛求疵的,挑剔的。
A: What can I get you?
B: A hamburger.
A: Anything else?
B: Well, please cook it medium rare. Toast the buns and butter the bottom bun. I'd like twice as much ketchup as mustard. Three dill pickle. No cheese. A thin tomato and one strip of bacon. Am I being too picky?
A: No, not at all, sir~文章源自海嶽之雲-

056 to turn out.

解释:the result of sth,结果是......。
A: How was the interview?
B: It turns out they weren't hiring a clerk.
A: Oh, no. That's too bad.
B: They were hiring a manager. And I got it!
A: Wow! Everything turned out great!文章源自海嶽之雲-

057 Auld Lang Syne.

解释:Auld(Old) Lang(Long) Syne(Ago), Auld Lang Syne => Old times past.
用法:Auld Lang Syne是一首非常出名的诗歌,原文是古苏格兰方言,直译做英文是"old long since"或"days gone by",大意为“逝去已久的日子”。Auld Lang Syne是十八世纪苏格兰诗人罗伯特布恩斯(Robert Burns)根据当地民歌记录下的。这首诗后来被谱了乐曲,除了英文外,这首歌亦被多国谱上当地语言,在中国各地普遍称为《友谊地久天长》。可以用作跨年时候一起歌唱的歌曲,for the good old memories。友谊地久天长。
A: Here.
B: What's this?
A: The words to Auld Lang Syne. We'll be singing it at midnight.
B: Oh! Thank you.
Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and auld land syne!
For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld land syne.
We'll take a cup o' kindness yet, for auld land syne.文章源自海嶽之雲-

058 starting is half the battle

A: I'm gonna learn English this year.
B: Great. How?
A: I'm not sure. Any ideas?
B: Youtube! There are SO many great teachers. Start with one you like. Starting is half the battle, you know~文章源自海嶽之雲-

059 I'm sticking to my guns.

解释:~ sticking to sb's guns => guns means opinion/method/way,坚守立场。
用法:Shane is sticking to his guns. Obama stuck to his guns. My sister always sticks to her guns.
A: Doing YouTube videos everyday is tough, isn't is?
B: It is. It take a LOT of time.
A: You should take a break.
B: Not yet. I'm steaking to my guns. I told my students that I would produce a new video every day. I'm gonna do that.文章源自海嶽之雲-

060 taking forever.

解释:Sth is taking forever .=> It's taking a long time。费时。
A: You done yet?
B: Almost.
A: Come on! You're takine forever!
B: Just a minute. Okay~ Come on in~
A: Ugh!!!文章源自海嶽之雲-

061 pushover.

解释: [俚语]易于征服或控制的人;[俚语]容易打败的对手;容易做的事情。
用法:sb is a pushover,=>sb who is easily influenced.
A: Boss, can I go home early tonight?
B: No. I need everyone here until we finish.
A: Mr. Havencroft~ Could I leave early? I want to buy a dress.
B: Oh, Miss Tisdale. Of course you can. Buy a pretty dress, okay?
A: Havencroft's such a pushover when it comes to women~文章源自海嶽之雲-

062 on the edge.

用法:on the edge,读得快的时候接近on ne edge. I feel like I'm on the edge.=>on the edge of disaster/collapse/death/the world.也可以用在积极的意思上,比如on the edge of successs,不过更多的是有消极的意味。
A: What's wrong with you?
B: I'm on the edge, man. I'm gonna lose it.
A: Why? What happened?
B: Everthing. My job. My girl. My future. I feel like I'm gonna explode.文章源自海嶽之雲-

063 cushy.

用法:describe sb's job=>I wish I have a cushy job.
A: You don't work Mondays?
B: I work. I just work from home.
A: Wow! Your job's cushy!
B: I know! We do have lots of nice things.文章源自海嶽之雲-

064 hone.

解释:本意 用磨刀石磨,加强改进。
用法:to hone=>to sharpen, to hone your skills/talents/abilities
A: Go ahead. How will you start your speech?
B: Well, okay: "Yo, what's up, ladies and gentlemen?"
A: Yo? What's up? I think you need to hone your communication skills.
B: Oh, how about..."Check this out, ladies and gentlemen~"
A: Come on! This is your grandmother's 70th birthday party speech!文章源自海嶽之雲-

065 Don't chew with your mouth open!

用法:强音s, n, l可以去除掉d, t, th。
A: What are you eating?
B: Brownies.
A: Gross! Don't chew with your mouth open!
B: Then don't ask me questions when I'm eating.文章源自海嶽之雲-

066 to put up with sth

用法:I can't put up with his smoking/her complaining.
A: I can't put up with this anymore~
B: What? What's bothering you?
A: The noise! The damn construction!
B: They'll be there all weeek! You'll have to put up with it~文章源自海嶽之雲-

067 get the nod

用法:get的t和the的t合并,一般后面可以加from, he got the nod from his boss. nod 表示肯定、允许。
A: I wanna start real English classes online.
B: And charge money?
A: Yes, but not a lot.
B: You might wanna get the nod from your students firt.
A: Good idea^^文章源自海嶽之雲-

068 nuke it

解释:来源于 nuclear,用微波炉叮。
用法:可以读作nuk it或者njuk it。nuke it => put it in the microwave, reheat sth in the microwave.
A: You shold heat that sandwich up before you eat it.
B: I'll nuke it.
A: No! That's bad. Just put it in the oven for 10 minutes.
B: But I wanna eat now~~文章源自海嶽之雲-

069 hoopla

A: So?
B: Well, after all the hoopla, frankly, I'm quite disappointed.
A: There was a LOT of hoopla.
B: But the food is nothing!
A: I totally agree~~文章源自海嶽之雲-

070 to straighten out

用法:to straighten sth out, to straighten out sb => to resolve, to take care of sth
A: Professor Dick was so rude to me.
B: He probably didn't know you were a teacher.
A: I'm really mad.
B: I'll go talk to him and straighten this out. Don't worry.
A: I won't be happy unless he apologizes.文章源自海嶽之雲-

071 a brouhaha

用法:a big fight between many people.
A: Did you stay'til the end of the game?
B: No. I left at halftime.
A: You're lucky. A huge brouhaha broke out.
B: Were you okay?
A: I barely escaped.文章源自海嶽之雲-

072 My hat's off to you

用法:Congraduation/I'm happy for you/I'm proud of you
A: My English is getting better, Shane^^
B: That's great. Have you been doing DD?
A: I was 100% correct on the last Daily Dictation!
B: My hat's off to you^^文章源自海嶽之雲-

073 on call

用法:(to be) on call
A: Hey, Parmy, let's have lunch.
B: I can't. I'm on call.
A: The boss again?
B: Yep. As soon as he calls, I gotta go~~文章源自海嶽之雲-

074 and whatnot

用法:this and that.
A: What'd you get at the store?
B: I got some chips, and cheese dip, and candy bars and whatnot.
A: Ooh^^ Can I have a candy bar?
B: No! They're for the party~ You'll have to wait.文章源自海嶽之雲-

075 tinker around.

用法:to tinker around with,没有做什么大的修改,就动动这,动动那。
A: What are you gonna do today?
B: I might tinker around with my blog.
A: Is there a problem?
B: Well, I want it to look nicer~文章源自海嶽之雲-

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