Coach Shane《Daily Easy English Expression》学习笔记 076-100


076 kowtow

解释:叩头, vi,n.
用法:[kaotao], to bow,to kowtow to sb=> to be too nice to sb,来源于中文。
A: You look stressed.
B: I have to go out with my boss tonight. He drinks~
A: Don't kowtow to him when it comes to drinking. Be polite but strong.
B: But what if I lose my job?文章源自海嶽之雲-

077 Tweak it!

用法:to tweak sth=>to change sth a little bit to make it better
A: What are you doing?
B: Tweaking my resume.
A: It looks fine~
B: Hmm...what about this font instead?
A: Ooh~That does look better!文章源自海嶽之雲-

078 when it comes to ~

用法:when it comes to sth, it => regarding
A: When it comes to pizza, pepperoni is my favorite.
B: When it comes to soda, Coke is it!
A: How about I buy you a pizza and a Coke?
B: When it comes to friends, you're the best!文章源自海嶽之雲-

079 to take it with a grain of salt

用法:Take it/that with a grain of salt, it=> a promise/threat/insult
A: The president said he wouldn't increase my taxes.
B: You have to take those promises with a grain of salt.
A: I voted for him because of that promise.
B: That's too bad~文章源自海嶽之雲-

080 I changed my mind.

A: Let's go. I'm ready to watch Les Miserables~
B: I changed my mind.
A: What?
B: I want to stay home.
A: NO! We always do what YOU want to do. This time we're doing what I want to do. GET READY. NOW!文章源自海嶽之雲-

081 9 out of 10 times

用法:times=> occurrences/attemps/situation,90% of the time,常用在体育领域。
A: How do you like my stew?
B: Hmm... Well, it's different~
A: You don't like it.
B: No! Nine out of ten times I love your food, but sometimes...
A: You hate it. You hate ME!文章源自海嶽之雲-

082 goof off

用法:to goof off => to play/have a good time with your friend(supposed to be study) 去玩,而没有去做别人认为更重要的事,比如学习。
A: Dad, can I go study at the library?
B: No.
A: Why not? All the other kids are there.
B: I Know. And all you do is goof off. If you want to study, stay home and study.文章源自海嶽之雲-

083 My dogs are barking!

用法:my dogs are barking! my feet are tired/sore。在英语中dogs的意思是feet
A: Let's take a rest.
B: You tired?
A: My dogs are barking!
B: You need to get new shopping shoes^^文章源自海嶽之雲-

084 to get carried away

用法:to get carried away => to become carried away => to be thinking about sth too much
A: What's wrong?
B: I have a bump. It might be cancer. It might be deadly. I could die! I should go to the doctor. I'm dying!
A: I thingk you're getting carried away~~
A: It's a pimple.文章源自海嶽之雲-

085 my diet

用法:my diet is what you usually eat,
A: I need to change my diet.
B: What's wrong?
A: My diet consists of too much sugar and not enough good things.
B: You wanna be a vegetarian?!文章源自海嶽之雲-

086 veggies

A: Want some?
B: What you got? Veggie sticks?
A: Yeah! Veggies are good for you.
B: No thanks. The only veggie sticks I like are French fries.文章源自海嶽之雲-

087 ad hoc

解释:Ad hoc是拉丁文常用短语中的一个短语。这个短语的意思是“特设的、特定目的的(地)、即席的、临时的、将就的、专案的”。这个短语通常用来形容一些特殊的、不能用于其它方面的的,为一个特定的问题、任务而专门设定的解决方案。这个词汇须与a priori区分。这个短语通常用来形容的东西包括一些为一个特别问题而设立的国家级或者国际性的组织、组委会以及合约等。在其他方面,譬如特殊环境下所组建的军队单位、手工制作的服装、临时搭建的网络协议或者是满足特殊条件的方程序等也可使用这个短语来进行形容。Ad hoc 同时也包含有负面的评价,表明所形容的事物是一个权宜之计、不周密的计划或者是一个即兴举办的活动。
用法:an ad hoc meeting, ad hoc=>for this,一般指临时紧急的会议/商讨。
A: Where are you going?
B: Town Hall. The city formed an ad hoc committee to discuss night club safety.
A: That was such a tragedy in Brazil.
B: That's right, and it should never happen again.文章源自海嶽之雲-

088 pig out

A: Where were you?
B: I was pigging out at the Pizza Palace.
A: You always go there.
B: Their pies are SO good!文章源自海嶽之雲-

089 Coke is it!

用法:可口可乐的广告语,Coke is the best soft drink。Sth is it=>Sth is the best
A: What's the best soft drink out there?
B: I think Fanta is the best!
C: No way. Coke is it!
D: What?! 7-Up is it!文章源自海嶽之雲-

090 What the heck is wrong with you

用法:what the heck is wrong with you?=>what is your problem? what the hell/in the world/on earth/the fuck is wrong with you?
A: What the heck is wrong with you?
B: I'm doing yoga.
A: You look like a pretzel.
B: This will help me live longer^^文章源自海嶽之雲-

091 in heat

用法:in heat 一般用于雌性动物身上=>wants to have a baby,但用在人类身上的时候一般用于男性。
A: What is that sound?
B: My cat's in heat.
A: What?
B: She wants to have kittens. She's calling for a mate~文章源自海嶽之雲-

092 For shits and giggles

用法:for shits and giggles=>for fun and games/for the heck of it=>just for fun, 用它来解释为什么做它
A: Why the hell did you throw that snowball at me?
B: For shits and giggles~
A: It hurt.
B: Sorry~
A: You're dead.
B: Ahh!!!文章源自海嶽之雲-

093 put some elbow into it

用法:use some extra power, elbow=>手肘
A: I can't push this snow.
B: Put some elbow into it.
A: See! Look what you made me do. I broke the shovel.
B: You are going to have to pay for that~文章源自海嶽之雲-

094 Go away!

用法:Go away!=>Get out of here!
A: You got a minute?
B: Uh, sure. What's up?
A: I'm hungry. Make me something to eat~
B: Go away.文章源自海嶽之雲-

095 sump'n

用法:something=>sump'n, nothing=>nut'n, getting=>get'n
A: You want sump'n from McDonald's?(something)
B: Nut'n.(nothing)
A: I'm get'n an apple pie.(getting)
B: I said I don't want nothing!(anything)文章源自海嶽之雲-

096 pouting

用法:Yeah, well, that's because I stopped pouting,我从沮丧中走了出来。生气、愤怒、消极等的表情。
A: Are you pouting?
B: No...
A: You're pouting. Just because I won't eat with you.
B: You never do anything with me.
A: Okay, I'll eat with you.
B: Go away!文章源自海嶽之雲-

097 Get the gist

解释:得到要点,基本了解。Get the point.
用法:to basicly understand sth/get a basic idea, but not know what is happening, not an expert.
A: Did you understand DD216?
B: Not everything, but I got the gist of it.
A: It was about eating sweet & sour chicken in the bathroom, right?
B: No! It was about two kids who didn't clean the bathroom properly!文章源自海嶽之雲-

098 a sneezing fit

用法:*** fit, a hiccup/hiccough fit(打嗝),a coughing fit,加fit形容控制不了的。
A: Who's having a sneezing fit?
B: Jimmy.
A: He's always sick.
B: By the way, that's his keyboard you're using.文章源自海嶽之雲-

099 get the hang of ~

用法:to get the hang of =>to get used to it.
A: How's your backswing going?
B: I just can't get the hang of it.
A: Youre form looks good.
B: I'll keep practicing~文章源自海嶽之雲-

100 to die for

用法:to die for=>excellent,其他的解释有 渴望、迫切想要。
A: Is that carrot cake?
B: It was!
A: Where'd you get that?
B: Monkey's Bakery. This stuff is to die for!文章源自海嶽之雲-

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