Coach Shane《Daily Easy English Expression》学习笔记 151-175


151 What do you think?

用法:What do you think?=>Of course, that's a stupid question.
A: Do I look fat in this shirt?
B: What do you think?
A: I do?
B: It's way too tight. Your belly is hanging out!文章源自海嶽之雲-

152 It doesn't measure up.

解释:measure up是符合标准的意思。
用法:It doesn't measure up.=It is not good enough./meet requirements 一般在对比两者的时候使用。
A: So, how's the car?
B: It doesn't measure up.
A: What? Your car is better than my Mercedes SLK320?
B: What do you think? Mine's a Volvo.文章源自海嶽之雲-

153 (to be) watered-down

用法:water down=>it's not strong/powerful/100%
A: What's the difference between DD and DDM?
B: DD it the watered-down version of DDM.
A: So, DD is no good?
B: NO! DD is great, but DDM is MUCH better^^文章源自海嶽之雲-

154 jump the shark

用法:jump the shark=>sth is no longer super popular。
A: Let's watch the new Diehard movie.
B: No way! Diehard has jumped the shark.
A: What? Bruce Willis is the greatest.
B: You're crazy!文章源自海嶽之雲-

155 What's your approach

用法:What's your approach?=>What is your strategy?
A: What's the best approach to learning English?
B: I try to learn it like a child.
A: What do you mean?
B: I start with listening, repeating, and then trying^^文章源自海嶽之雲-

156 Bust a move!

用法:Bust a move!=>1. Dance. 2. to hurry hurry do something quickly.
A: Aren't you getting married today? It's 9:30.
B: Already?
A: You'd better bust a move.
B: Thanks. I do NOT want to be late for my wedding.文章源自海嶽之雲-

157 (to) hang your hat on (something)

用法:to hang your hat on something=>to believe in sth/to be proud of sth
A: Our team won yesterday! We're gonna be the champions this year!
B: You played who?
A: We played against Duncan's team.
B: They're the worst team! You can't hang your hat on a victory against Duncan's team.文章源自海嶽之雲-

158 busy work.

用法:busy work=>一般是上级、长辈指派的工作,常常是看起来很忙,不过并不是非常重要的事情。
A: My employees have nothing to do.
B: Give them busy work.
A: Like what?
B: Polishing thumb tacks! Cleaning keyboards!文章源自海嶽之雲-

159 monkey business

用法:monkey business=>1. sth that's a waste of time. 2. sth immoral, illegal. 一般用于口语,表示不是非常正式的事情。
A: Enough monkey business! Get back to work.
B: Makeup is NOT money business.
A: Is make up expensive?
B: Yes.
A: Will you buy more?
B: Yes.
A: Then get back to work! Earn some money.文章源自海嶽之雲-

160 can't help but do SMT.

用法:can't help but do sth.=>even though I try not to do sth, It comes out I can't help but laugh.
A: What are you doing?
B: I'm eating more cake.
A: You're supposed to be on a diet!
B: But it's SO good. I can't help but eat it~文章源自海嶽之雲-

161 keep it together

用法:keep it together=> relax, keep calm, don't lose your control of your emotion/keep your emotion under control.
A: Oh... I don't know if I can.
B: Come on! Keep it together.
A: But I'm scared!
B: You baby! It's only a 90-meter bungee jump! GO!!文章源自海嶽之雲-

162 to hang out.

用法:to hang out=>to meet your friends do nothing. to hang out 有 to play的意思。
A: Let's hang out at the mall today.
B: Why? Let's just hang out at home.
A: Home is boring.
B: The mall is the same! Staring at people and eating junk food. BORING!
A: Starbucks?
B: Okay.文章源自海嶽之雲-

163 to hammer something home

用法:to hammer something home=>you've try to explain sth to sb, but they don't understand.
A: You're still drinking diet soda?
B: Yeah. I'm fat.
A: What do I have to do to hammer it home? Aspartame is bag for you.
B: But I'm fat.
A: Aspartame comes from E. coli poop. It's POOP!!文章源自海嶽之雲-

164 a sneak attack

用法:sneak attack=>常用在军事领域,或者警方的用语。
A: This cat video is SO funny!
B: Oh my god! Look at him fly!
A: Its brother made a sneak attack!
B: Brothers can be SO mean!文章源自海嶽之雲-

165 a sweet tooth

用法:a sweet tooth=>you like to eat sweet things
A: Someone has a sweet tooth.
B: Baklava! I LOVE this stuff!
A: Did you buy it?
B: No, it's Anne's. She's got a bigger sweet tooth than me!文章源自海嶽之雲-

166 All I gotta do is...

用法:All I/you gotta do is+动词原形=>The only thing you need to do is verb,可以用作给比人建议。
A: I wanna master English.
B: All you gotta do is study a little every day.
A: No. All I gotta do is find an American girlfriend.
B: Yeah. Good luck~文章源自海嶽之雲-

167 Are you still~ Versus You are still ~

用法:Are you still smoking? 仅仅是好奇,有疑问,想要获得答案。You are still smoking?说话者对于后面的动作有一定的确认,常常包含一些失望、愤怒的语气。
A: Are you still single?
B: You are still asking me?
A: Well, I do want some grandchildren.
B: Don't worry, grandma! There's plenty of time~文章源自海嶽之雲-

168 smooth sailing

A: I finished my report!
B: Already?
A: Yes! The rest of the week will be smooth sailing for me!
B: I'm so jealous~ I'm not even half done...文章源自海嶽之雲-

169 to be on the rocks

用法:to be on the rocks=>a relationship that is in difficulty 形容一段不好的关系/时期。
A: I haven't seen Sue lately.
B: We're on the rocks.
A: What's wrong?
B: I think we're just bored with each other~~文章源自海嶽之雲-

170 on the rocks

用法:on the rocks=>describe how we want a drink (wine/whisky with ice)形容我们要加冰的酒类(威士忌),但是其他的饮料一般用 with ice。如果是不要冰,则说 whisky dry.
A: Whisky on the rocks, please.
C: And for you?
B: Coke on the rocks!
A: We don't say that. We just say "with ice".
B: Oh...文章源自海嶽之雲-

171 a hangover... to hang over

用法:a hangover一般是大量饮酒之后的反应不适的感觉,to hang (my head/my bag) over是挂在...之上。
A: John is hanging his head over the toilet.
B: He's got a hangover.
A: Did he eat something bad?
B: No! He drank too much last night.文章源自海嶽之雲-

172 in for a bumpy ride

用法:in for a bumpy ride,人坐在一个可移动的容器内,例如汽车、过山车,可以称为ride,bumpy则是不平的,不顺利的。
A: Our company lost the contract.
B: Oh, no. We're in for a bumpy ride.
A: You think we'll lose our jobs?
B: I hope not. Let's get out there and find new clients.文章源自海嶽之雲-

173 I've been meaning to tell you...

用法:I've been meaning to tell you...=>I wanted to tell you sth, but I forgot. Until now, and I will tell you.
A: Shane, I've been meaning to tell you something...
B: What's that, boss?
A: I need you to come in tomorrow.
B: Saturday? On the weekend?
A: I've been meaning to tell you since Monday. I forgot~~
B: But...
A: Thanks a lot. See you tomorrow, Shane~~文章源自海嶽之雲-

174 I could not have said it better^^

用法:could not have said it better=>what you said is perfect, you describe a situation perfectly. 美语省略读音情况。
A: Look at that guy. He's eating SO much junk food.
B: That's why he's so fat~
A: are what you eat.
B: I couldn't have said it better~文章源自海嶽之雲-

175 as far as~

用法:as far as~ 1. as far as noun. go => as far the weekend/ regarding the weekend. 2. as far as I know=> based on
A: How many languages does Shane speak?
B: He said 11, but as far as I know, it's only 7.
A: As far as I can see, he speaks about 20.
B: No, he's just an actor. He only speaks one. English!文章源自海嶽之雲-

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