Coach Shane《Daily Easy English Expression》学习笔记 226-250


226 dirt poor

用法:poor是没钱,dirt poor是口袋里只有尘土,也是没钱的意思。
A: Hey, John. You wanna go to Iceland with me?
B: What? I'm dirt poor.
A: Come on~ I'll loan you the money.
B: And charge me 20% interest? No thanks.文章源自海嶽之雲-

227 What's all the fuss about

用法:What's all the fuss about,可以是大声的反应也可以是小声地反应,之前学到的 What is all the racket则强调声音很大的动静。fuss 大惊小怪。
A: What's all the fuss about?
B: Mom doesn't want to have a birthday party.
A: You told her? You shouldn't have.
B: You know I can't keep a secret~文章源自海嶽之雲-

228 down and out

解释:压抑的(very depressed),出局/被击败(在运动中指丢分并出局),贫困潦倒的
A: You look down and out, Shane.
B: We lost the game.
A: You still have another chance, don't you?
B: Yes, one more chance tomorrow.
A: Great! So you're down but not out^^文章源自海嶽之雲-

229 to go Dutch

用法:用于在外和朋友聚餐,每个人只付自己订的部分。prefer to split 平分。
A: I had a really great dinner.
B: Your steak looked wonderful.
A: And so did your hot dog.
B: you mind if we go Dutch?文章源自海嶽之雲-

230 to dress up

用法:用up 来强调动词dress,穿很多,意思是穿上最好的衣服。
A: What are you getting all dressed up for?
B: Tonight's Bieber's concert. Baby, baby, baby~ Oh~~
A: Justin gonna sing that song to you?
B: Yes! I'll always be his.文章源自海嶽之雲-

231 get your head out of the clouds

用法:读的快的时候发音接近 gechyer head outta the clouds=be realistic,have their heads in the clouds.
A: So, how was the Bieber concert?
B: It was the BEST! And he winked at me twice!
A: When are you gonna get your head outta the clouds?
B: He did. I know he did.文章源自海嶽之雲-

232 squirt

A: Are you crying?
B: No. A lemon squirted me in the eye.
A: Ow! That must sting.
B: Well, now he's lemonade! Have some^^文章源自海嶽之雲-

233 give a wide berth

用法:to give a wide berth=>to give a lot of space to sth,berth是停泊处,锚位,卧铺。
A: Why are you slowing down?
B: An ambulance is coming, son.
A: So?
B: You should always give emergency vehicles a wide berth.文章源自海嶽之雲-

234 in its clutches

用法:in someone/sb's clutches=in someone/sb's hands
A: The US wants Snowden in its clutches.
B: And then what?
A: He'll go to jail for a LONG time.
B: He shouldn't have done what he did~~文章源自海嶽之雲-

235 to be at the helm

用法:to be at the helm=>a helm是舵的意思,所以at the helm表示控制的意思。
A: Are you looking at the stock market?
B: Yeah. My Apple stock is up!
A: Who took over after Jobs died?
B: Tim Cook's at the helm. He's doing great.文章源自海嶽之雲-

236 to mull something over

用法:to mull sth over=to think about,mull是深思熟虑的意思
A: So, did you buy a new A/C?
B: I'm still mulling it over.
A: Get one. It's so hot~
B: I know, but air conditioners are expensive.文章源自海嶽之雲-

237 to be up to something

用法:to be up to something=to be making an evil plan
A: Why does Shane keep going to the kitchen?
B: I don't know. That is strange.
A: I think he's up to something.
B: I know! Mom baked new cookies. He's eating them!文章源自海嶽之雲-

238 Beggars can't be choosers.

A: Here's your new fridge.
B: It's a used one. I wanted a new refrigerator.
A: For $100? You're lucky I found this one!
B: I guess... Beggars can't be choosers.文章源自海嶽之雲-

239 a cheat sheet

A: Wow! You did great on the math test.
B: I used a cheat sheet.
A: You cheated?
B: I just wrote down the formulas~文章源自海嶽之雲-

240 to ditch smo smt

用法:to ditch SMO/SMT=to throw it away
A: Who's that guy?
B: I don't know. I'm trying to ditch him.
A: Here he comes again~~
B: Help me, please!!!文章源自海嶽之雲-

241 to be in THE moment

用法:in a moment是 in a few second的意思,但是in the moment的意思完全不一样,是to really be feeling now, to be concentrating what's happening now,专注于现在
A: His presentation is going great.
B: He's totally in the moment.
A: I didn't know he could talk so well.
B: When he gets in the moment, he becomes a new person.文章源自海嶽之雲-

242 gone wild

用法:gone wild=out of control.
A: You can't have that soda can in the park. It's against the law.
B: Okay...
A: And you can't eat in the park, too.
B: The laws have gone wild! Where's the common sense? I wanna have a picnic in the park!!!文章源自海嶽之雲-

243 Twoosh!

A: This message is for all my English students-I promise to always give you my best English lessons. If you ever have questions, please ask me. Twoosh!
B: What?
A: Twoosh! Exactly 140 characters^^文章源自海嶽之雲-

244 corny

A: Hey, why do seagulls fly over the sea?
B: look for food?
A: No! Because if they flew over a bay, they'd be called bagels!
B: That's SO corny~~文章源自海嶽之雲-

245 dress-down Fridays

用法:dress-down=to dress casually
A: Starting this week, we'll have dress-down Fridays.
B: Yay!!!
A: But no rags. No shorts. Be decent.
B: Boo!!!文章源自海嶽之雲-

246 to be out of sorts

用法:out of sorts在日常用语中发音成outta sorts
A: Where are you going?
B: Oh! I missed the turn. Sorry. I'm outta sorts today.
A: Maybe I should drive.
B: Maybe. My boss made me really mad and I keep thinking about it.文章源自海嶽之雲-

247 to hound somebody

A: Did you take a shower?
B: Yes, dad.
A: Did you use soap?
B: Yes, dad.
A: Did you brush your teeth?
B: Yes! Quit hounding me~文章源自海嶽之雲-

248 bores me to tears.

A: Did you read Obama's book?
B: Just the first few pages.
A: Why didn't you finish it?
B: It bored me to tears~文章源自海嶽之雲-

249 to have the guts

用法:guts=courage,所以to have (the) guts是有勇气的意思,这里的guts必须用复数。
A: I should tell my boss to give me a raise.
B: You don't have the guts.
A: I'll send him an email.
B: No! Ask him face-to-face.文章源自海嶽之雲-

250 It's all Greek to me!

用法:另外的用法有It's all Chinese to me! It's all Japanese to me!
A: Can you help me with my math, dad?
B: Oh, son, it's all Greek to me.
A: No, dad. It's math. Numbers.
B: I mean, it doesn't make any sense to me! I don't understand it. Ask your uncle.文章源自海嶽之雲-

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