Coach Shane《Daily Easy English Expression》学习笔记 276-300


276 What have you been up to

A: Tim, long time no see!
B: Hey, Shane!
A: What have you been up to?
B: Not too much! Slacking off~文章源自海嶽之雲-

277 I'm stumped.

用法:I don't know how to solve the problem.
A: Did you solve Jazz's math problem?
B: No, I'm stumped.
A: I got it in two minutes!
B: must be a genius.文章源自海嶽之雲-

278 taken aback.

用法:to be very surprise/shock,对于听到的事情感到不快乐,一般是消极的意味。
A: How did your mom take the news?
B: She was taken aback.
A: She's not happy?
B: She's okay, just very surprised.文章源自海嶽之雲-

279 slack up

用法:slack up on sb=>to relax on sb,来源于驾马的马车,缰绳拉得松了就叫slack。反义词是tight
A: You're too hard on your son.
B: He needs to learn.
A: You should slack up a bit.
B: No. Kids need to learn young.文章源自海嶽之雲-

280 to have a way with ~

用法:to have a way with sth/sb=>have a connection with sb
A: Oh my god! A tiger!!
B: Come here, kitty-kitty~~~~
C: Run for your lives!
B: Succh a good kitty!
D: Wow--Shane really has a way with animals.文章源自海嶽之雲-

281 give a shout out to

用法:give a shout out to sb,当你获奖的时候发表获奖感言,想要感谢某人的时候使用。
A: Welcome to the podcast, Country Shane.
B: I love LME! Lemme give shout out to my mom!
A: Respect your mother~
B: I love you, mom!文章源自海嶽之雲-

282 to get cold feet

A: How was your date last night?
B: Oh...I didn't go.
A: She canceled?
B: Actually...I didn't even call.
A: You got a cold feet!文章源自海嶽之雲-

283 save it for a rainy day

A: Where are you going?
B: Shopping!
A: You don't need anything~
B: Hello? It's fall. I need shoes.
A: Save your money for a rainy day.
B: Oh! Rain boots~ Thanks!文章源自海嶽之雲-

284 trendy

A: I hate those guys.
B: Why? They're nice. They're cool.
A: But they try to be so trendy.
B: Trendy's not bad. You don't have to hate.
A: I hate trends. I wanna be me.文章源自海嶽之雲-

285 stay ahead of the game

A: You are such a smart investor.
B: Well, I try to stay ahead of the game.
A: But how? Do you know powerful people?
B: No! I watch business trends closely.文章源自海嶽之雲-

286 pretty beat

用法:pretty有时候可以是很少,有时候可以是很多,具体需要看上下文的语句。pretty beat=very tired/a little tired
A: Let's play another game.
B: I'm pretty beat.
A: You're tired from playing tic-tac-toe?
B: It takes a lot of concentration!文章源自海嶽之雲-

287 a crock

用法:It's a crock.=It's nonsense
A: This site is a crock.
B: What's wrong?
A: The lessons are boring, expensive and ZERO interaction.
B: You should join DDM.文章源自海嶽之雲-

288 not carved in stone

用法:一般用否定形式,not carved in stone=immutable=not absolute
A: How often are Shane's podcasts?
B: Every ten days.
A: So..tomorrow's a new one!
B: Well, it's not carved in stone~文章源自海嶽之雲-

289 one too many

用法:one time too many
A: Are you angry?
B: Do you like Carol?
A: No! She's just a friend.
B: You smiled at her one time too many.文章源自海嶽之雲-

290 cut me some slack

用法:cut me some slack=give me some freedom/break
A: I want you home by 10.
B: Alright, dad.
A: And don't spend more than 20 bucks.
B: Cut me some slack, dad. I'll be good!文章源自海嶽之雲-

291 to crack open

A: Who's smoking in there?
B: Me~
A: Crack open the window, dirty man.
B: Sorry~~文章源自海嶽之雲-

292 to feel stifled

A: You look stressed.
B: Argh~ I feel so stifled in this office.
A: Crack a window.
B: It's not enough. I need trees!!!文章源自海嶽之雲-

293 to stifle something

用法:to stifle something=to control something
A: I'm leaving you.
B: Why?
A: You're stifling my emotions.
B: You can be emotional. But, not too loud. I've got a headache.文章源自海嶽之雲-

294 a crook

A: Is that my book?
B: Yeah. I'm just borrowing it.
A: Is that my pen?
B: Yeah, I needed that, too.
A: You're a crook.文章源自海嶽之雲-

295 Right off the bat.

A: How was your English class?
B: Horrible.
A: Why?
B: The teach gave us a test right off the bat~~文章源自海嶽之雲-

296 food for thought

用法:food for thought=here is something we should think about carefully
A: I really want to master English.
B: Are you studying a lot?
A: Three days a week.
B: Here's some food for thought: they say it takes 10000 hours to master something--how many hours have you invested?文章源自海嶽之雲-

297 to scramble

用法:scramble eggs是搅拌鸡蛋、打鸡蛋,一般都是速度比较快,所以有快速做某事的意思。
A: What are you doing, Sergej?
B: I'm getting ready for FNL. Are you joining tonight?
A: Yeah, in a few minutes.
B: You're better scramble. It fills up fast.文章源自海嶽之雲-

298 out of sight, out of mind

A: Are you okay since you broke up with Meg?
B: I'm okay~~
A: Is that her picture on your wall?
B: Yeah.. it's nice~~
A: BURN IT. Out of sight, out of mind.文章源自海嶽之雲-

299 It'll never fly.

用法:it指的是你的想法、提案、投资等等,It'll never fly.=It won't succeed.
A: So, you want to open a restaurant that sells...
B: Bugs! They're so delicious.
A: It'll never fly.
B: Why not? Have you ever eaten one?文章源自海嶽之雲-

300 when pigs fly.

A: Aren't you studying for the math test?
B: I'm pretty confident.
A: But you skipped most of the classes.
B: I'll be fine.
A: Yeah, when pigs fly.文章源自海嶽之雲-

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